28 Mar 2012

I am Responsible!

I am responsible for what I say....
And somewhere I am also responsible for what you understand!
Aren't I?

19 Mar 2012

Formals and Casuals

You will hardly see me in casuals
I don’t want you to take me casually
You will mostly find me in formals
Yes, life is a mere formality for me

17 Mar 2012


I may look shabby and shoddy to you...!
But whatever I am going to do
Is handsome!

13 Mar 2012

Truth and God

God is truth for me...
For her truth is God...
She is my truth!
I her God!

Sun and Sin

The sun sets
For yet another time
To let
The sinful night  
Set in

I see the sun set                                                                                                      
For yet another time
And get set
To pen down the world
Sunk in sin!

11 Mar 2012

I am still ALIVE!

I had tears in my eyes yesterday after many years!
I am glad........!
It proved that I am still alive!

10 Mar 2012

My Words Will Remain

I think because I am human....!
I think therefore I am....!
I say because I think....!
And my words will remain
When my eyes refuse to blink!